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What is
DataFest Online?

DataFest Online is a special digital edition of DataFest Tbilisi - an annual international conference about data, technology, and communications, bringing together the data community from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, to inspire and encourage, and create meaningful connections.

Talks, workshops and datathons about data, communications and technology go for 3 days.


Why is DataFest Online 2022 dedicated to data & technologies in wartime?

From visual recognition and robotics to open source data analysis and cyber attacks, technology has been shaping 21-century warfare. Yet Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine has no analogue - it is the war that the whole world is watching live.

To strengthen digital resilience in the society during the hardship, DataFest Online 2022 will equip participants with the analytical skill-set in three main directions: 

  • Open Source Reporting

  • Cybersecurity

  • AI Technologies

Preliminary Agenda



Thanks to our partners, we offer participants to attend the event for free, however, we kindly ask you to donate to one of the following trusted verified fundraiser for Ukraine on behalf of our event:

Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 20.33_edited.jpg

Kyiv independent to support independent English language reporting from Ukraine

Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 20.59_edited.jpg

Gofundme campaign to help volunteers in Eastern Ukraine


Ukrainian Prism's initiative to save ancient city of Chernihiv that shields Kyiv


Activist Salome Barker to support Ukrainian refugees in Georgia


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