7-11 December, 2021


DataFest Tbilisi 2021

Online & Offline

DataFest Tbilisi 2021 is the 5th edition of an annual international data conference happening in the vibrant capital of Georgia. This time, it will take place in a hybrid format, through a combination of physical and digital attendance. 


Instead of traditional 3 days, the festival will now last for -- wait for it -- five straight days!


It will bring together hundreds of data professionals from all around the world, to inspire and encourage, and to create meaningful connections.

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What about the content?
Is it relevant for me?

If you are interested in any of the following topics, then it definitely is!

  • Business & Startups

  • Data Science & AI

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Activism and Open Government


DataFest Tbilisi 2021 will feature inspirational talks and in-depth workshops and each day of the festival will be fully devoted to each of our four topics.

Our Speakers

Watch the talks from previous editions


Organizers & Partners

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⭐ If you're attending the festival online, you can buy a 5-day ticket, but if you're going to attend the event physically, you'll need to buy a ticket for each day separately.

Please note that due to Covid regulations, only a limited number of people will be able to attend the festival in a physical space, so if that’s what you’re planning on, we're encouraging you to hurry up. Only those holding a valid covid passport will be allowed to attend the event.



Online - Zoom

Tech Park, Tbilisi, Georgia. 84903.
Innovation Street # 7  

How about Covid-19 safety? 

All the regulations imposed by the state will be strictly enforced:


- Only those holding a valid covid passport will be allowed to attend

- Everyone will be required to wear a face mask

- The venue will be ventilated by opening its large windows frequently

- Distance will be maintained between seats

- Up to 70 people at a time will be allowed to attend